Technical calculations for confirming new product ideas

Come on in - we won’t bite. Only if we sink our teeth into difficult tasks. And we are really good at that.

All joking aside: As you may have noticed in your Google search, there are plenty of engineering firms offering thermal simulations and computational fluid dynamics, correct?

When it comes to research and development, our customers can no longer do without FEM calculations and CFD simulations. However, we refuse to be ranked in this long list of computing firms.

Why should you call us of all people?

Quality goes without saying and is given top priority.

There is no debate about it. This is what you may expect from us as well as any other engineering firm. This is why we were certified according to DIN ISO 9001 in 2012. Our projects are based on processes which have been tried and tested in-house for over 6 years.

Our customers are favorite customers, every single one.

Personal contact tops the list of our priorities. This is not just about commissioned simulation projects. We implement the projects together with you as our partner.

We will be there whenever you need us. Within one day, you will receive feedback, whether the solution of your task is based on thermal or fluid dynamics, computations or simulations. If it isn’t, we won’t beat around the bush - promised!

Profit is key, but not at any cost.

At the end of the day, a satisfied customer is what counts - you! Our joint project will help you and your company move forward. The goal is to help you establish your product in the market place even faster by means of thermal simulation, to help you comply with SOP guidelines, and to provide you with reliable outputs on functionality / performance.

Thermodynamics and CFD simulation for pioneers.

And then we get started. The more demanding, the better. Our engineers (process engineers, aerospace engineers, amongst others), mathematicians, physicians and scientists love for you to make their heads spin.

As a general rule, we begin where the VDI Heat Atlas ends. Or, as our claim states: Thermodynamics and CFD simulation for pioneers.

Therefore, our customers come to us whenever they break new ground and are faced with tasks they have never solved before. Our current projects are about standardizing fuel-cell vehicles, hydrogen fueling at H2 fueling stations or entirely new products, such as the market launch of an analysis device.