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CFD simulation: computing fluid dynamics

A CFD simulation is a mathematical calculation of fluid dynamics. It helps us to better understand currents and enables us to make recommendations to help optimize your components and systems.

Typical CFD simulation tasks involve:

  • Calculating and reducing pressure loss
  • Calculating and ensuring equal distribution
  • Calculating and optimizing heat transfer
  • Calculating and preventing cavitation
  • Reducing energy consumption

Typical project example

One of our clients, an automotive supplier, called us asking whether we could calculate the uniform distribution for their product with the aid of a CFD simulation.

The installation space had been altered and the media supply in the components needed to be changed. If uniform distribution was no longer possible, we were asked to submit suggestions for making further improvements.

The deadline for the project was “yesterday”.

The client could have solved the problem themselves through trial and error however, experience has shown that this can be very complex and cost-intensive. These types of problems can be solved very efficiently with CFD simulations.

As requested, we were able to submit suggestions for improvements to the client within a few days and the changes were implemented without any additional expenses.

Is a CFD simulation right for you?

A CFD simulation is always a useful tool if you are dealing with the following challenges:

  • A complicated fluid mechanics problem
  • Situations where testing is too complex, expensive or cannot be carried out for safety reasons
  • You want to explore new thresholds of physics
  • You would like to understand correlations in conjunction with their relevant chemical reactions and are not able to measure individual effects
  • Time pressure

We would also like to be honest at this point: there are cases where CFD simulations are simply NOT useful. This must be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Here is a list of situations where CFD simulation would not be useful:

  • A prototype is cost-effective and can be manufactured in a short space of time
  • A test can be carried out quickly at your own facilities
  • You have the metrological competence at your disposal and it is available quickly and cost-effectively (and you are able to register it under “running expenses”)
  • You only wanted to produce the product in limited quantities and for a relatively low price
  • Material costs and weight play a limited role
  • Your company philosophy is: I’ll tinker around with it until it works

If any of the above points apply to you, we advise against using CFD simulation as we do not believe it would be the right approach (irrespective of us a CFD service provider)

Honda Steve Mathison

“I just wanted to personally thank you for a job well done on the simulation work. We learned a lot through this process and I can honestly say that without Wenger’s simulation tool and the expertise of the Wenger Engineering team, we could not have achieved our goal. I hope we have the opportunity to work together on future projects.”

Steve Mathison

Principal Engineer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc, USA

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