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Chemical engineering – development and special calculations

Our chemical engineering special calculations will help you answer your most difficult questions, better understand plant dynamics and avoid expensive errors.

Typical tasks we would be happy to help you with:

  • (Special) heat exchanger calculation
  • Developing and optimizing plant concepts
  • Commissioning checklist procedures, even for partial load conditions and optimizing them mathematically
  • Improving plant availability and ensuring reliability
  • Minimizing energy consumption thanks to intelligent wiring, heat recovery and customized control concepts

Typical project example:

Our client, a world market leader in their field, was in the process of developing and subsequently building a plant for their customers in China.

A new requirement of their customer was that the plant should be quickly operational even in partial load cases or for example, after the weekend and that strict heat management requirements be complied with.

To do this, it was also very important for the customer to minimize the use of chemicals.

Using a dynamic simulation of the relevant RI-flow sheets enabled us to predict numerous plant conditions. Using this, we were able to develop a commissioning and control strategy together with our client that would minimize both their energy and chemical consumption.

However, most importantly for him: he knew that his concept would work before constructing the plant!

When can we offer you an effective solution?

Working with us makes sense if any of the following applies to you:

  • Sophisticated chemical engineering is required
  • Situations where testing is too complex, expensive or simply not feasible
  • Potential for significant savings on energy and raw materials
  • There are several options available and you’re not sure which one is best
  • You need a quick assessment of whether you should continue down your chosen path
Vw Sarioglu

“Wenger Engineering’s highly competent employees deliver high-quality results.Added to this is their flexibility, which plays a major role in ensuring a pleasant cooperation. This collaboration is proving very helpful in our projects.”

Dr.-Ing. Levent Sarıoğlu

Project Manager, Volkswagen AG

What’s the next step?

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Free initial consultation!

Many of our clients where initially unsure about whether their idea was feasible, the amount of effort / expenses required or the time it would take to get results.

In most cases, it’s enough to contact us by phone, email or video conferencing. In other cases, we can offer on-site consultation at your location or at our office in Ulm to discuss feasibility, profitability, expenses etc. This advice is always free of charge so join us for a quick chat!

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