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Question: We are developing electronics for electric charging columns. This is on the market and works well. Now, we want to enter the market in several southern European countries, where the temperatures in the summer are higher than in Germany and Scandinavia.

Project Objective: 

System optimization of the air-conditioning system by simulation then development of a heat pump and various kitchen appliances as a prototype to validate the results and demonstrate them in practice.


Project engineer, Electrical Engineering Industry


The temperature of electronic components must not rise too much, since the failure rate increases too much and the components fail. Our client is an expert in electrical engineering and the design of circuit boards and housings. How well the cooling of the electronics works is not his specialty. That is why he turns to us in such cases.

Here, he wanted to ensure cooling of the electronics was ensured, even under difficult ambient conditions (high ambient temperature, direct sunlight).


In principle, there are two possibilities to answer this question without complex attempts:

  1. CFD simulation
  2. Expert calculation

Due to the disproportionately high effort, we have not given the client a CFD simulation, but have chosen the path of the expert calculation. It is not our approach to sell a large calculation to the client when a small one also fulfills the purpose.

As the name indicates, the expert calculation is based on the experience of our calculation experts. These analyze the geometry, the previous operating conditions, and make targeted calculations. The tools are Excel, Matlab, or Paper and Pencil.

In this way, we get to an 80% solution in 20% of the time. If it must be fast and an accuracy of 80% is enough to make the attempt, then this is the right way. And we love it when it helps the client.

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