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How can we ensure that our ice storage tanks are designed in the best possible way and operated for each client?

Project Objective:

Our client wanted software that would allow them to precisely design their ice storage tanks for each application.


Project Manager, Energy Technology Industry


Our client manufactures ice storage units to optimize the efficiency of building air conditioning. This can be a very interesting solution, especially for users who need both heat and cold. Ice storage tanks can, for example, in combination with heat pumps, solar cells, air conditioning systems and other heat stores, help to balance the fluctuations in energy supply (sun, etc.) and energy demand (e.g. building air conditioning during office hours).

The design of the ice reservoirs is challenging. If they are too large, it may not be possible to achieve sensible cooling – and the effect is too small. However, if they are too small, not enough energy can be stored – and the benefit is too small. In addition, ice storage is of course also a cost factor, which is why a precise design is absolutely essential.


Due to budget restrictions, we decided together with the client to develop a pragmatic software. This does not include all effects known in science. Rather, it is a good basis for dimensioning the ice storage tanks in terms of size.

The user has a graphical interface in which he enters his key data. These are for example the estimated size, the heat transfer surface, the temperatures as well as the mass flows.

The result is a heat transfer capacity and a temperature of the flowing medium. This enables him to quickly estimate whether the storage tank can absorb or release the desired heat.

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