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Entwicklung einer Wärmepumpe

Question: What does an airplane kitchen with maximum energy efficiency look like? What components and systems do we need? How must the aggregates be connected, for example, to use the waste heat from a device for preheating another device? What can an efficient development of a heat pump look like?

Project Objective:
System optimization of the aircraft kitchen by simulation then development of a heat pump and various kitchen utensils as a prototype to validate the results and demonstrate them in practice.

Project manager, aircraft supplier

Our client develops and manufactures airplane kitchens. The technique is partly very old because, on one hand, robustness is required, but on the other hand, an elaborate certification is also necessary.But the question arises as to what the clients will need. Energy efficiency is important because the required fuel must be carried, and it costs weight and space.

In this project, it should be verified and demonstrated by the prototype which possibilities of optimization exist to set up a series of development projects.

In a multi-year project, we have sought and found solutions for all relevant scenarios with the client.It was important to go one step at a time and focus on the optimum. Not every idea would be a revolution. But the client was also important in carefully examining all options and carefully evaluating and justifying all approaches.

A few system-technical circuits were promising due to the simulation. We have detailed these and have designed the appropriate components.The core Components – V. A. The heat pump – we have constructed and built in cooperation with a manufacturing plant. This was installed on our test rig and measured in detail by us.

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