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Dear customers and friends,

We must do something to stand up to the greatest challenge ever to face mankind.

We must protect our resources, and above all, begin to deal with fossil fuels efficiently. These are facts well known to everyone in our times.

We at Wenger Engineering GmbH are developing precisely the kinds of new technologies that will help conserve resources. And for that, I, David Wenger, am proud.

The introduction of alternatives such as hydrogen as an energy source, wind and solar energy or even biogenic fuels requires us to rethink how we deal with our fossil fuel. There is no question that we simply must use the raw materials available to us more efficiently.

For this reason I founded the Wenger Engineering GmbH in 2007 and currently work as its CEO.

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the expansion of renewable energies, electromobility and resource efficiency. From California to Japan, we help companies make their technology more cost-effective, technically reliable and more marketable as a result.

We always wanted to play in the “Projects‘ Champions League” and have the best “players” on our team.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far. At the same time, everyday it encourages us to learn even more and with your help, bring state of the art technology to the next level.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

David Wenger



Curriculum Vitae of Dr.-Ing. David Wenger

  • Born and raised near Basel, Switzerland
  • Studied Environmental and Process Engineering at ETH Zürich
  • Diploma thesis at the Institute of Process Engineering: “Simulation of a membrane-based biological exhaust air purification system”
  • Ph.D. student and project engineer at DaimlerChrysler AG, departments Fuel System Technology and propulsion development
  • Dissertation (Ph.D. thesis) at the Institute of Thermodynamics, TU Munich – Thesis: “Metal Hydride Storage Systems for Hydrogen Supply and Cooling of Fuel Cell Vehicles” (in German)
  • Establishment of the Wenger Engineering GmbH, 2007

Scientific Publications


Chakkrit Na Ranong, Steffen Maus, Jobst Hapke, Georg Fieg, David Wenger: Approach for the Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficients for Filling Processes of Pressure Vessels With Compressed Gaseous Media, Heat Transfer Engineering
Volume 32, Issue 2, 2010, Pages 127-132


David Wenger, Wolfgang Polifke, Eberhard Schmidt-Ihn, Tarek Abdel-Baset, Steffen Maus: Comments on solid state hydrogen storage systems design for fuel cell vehicles, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,Volume 34, Issue 15, August 2009, Pages 6265-6270


Steffen Maus, Jobst Hapke, Chakkrit Na Ranong, Erwin Wüchner, Gerardo Friedlmeier, David Wenger: Filling procedure for vehicles with compressed hydrogen tanks, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 33, Issue 17, September 2008, Pages 4612-4621

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