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When our customer contacted us, they were under great pressure. The project for which they still needed to deliver critical components was substantially delayed.

And now, as one of the last suppliers, they needed to manufacture, deliver and install their systems according to precise requirements. The new schedule also expected our client to compensate for the delays of their other suppliers.

Despite the circumstances, everything seemed well prepared until it became apparent from discussions with the customer that the specifications were contradictory and some required design criteria were not technologically up to date or complying with the required standards.

The fact that our client’s advice to his customer was not enthusiastically received is obvious. Rework would be required and these costs combined with the additional construction would cost him about € 500,000.

For this reason, the customer attempted to impose responsibility on our client and denied the inconsistency of the provided specifications.

What was challenging for us was that our client had already spoken to four other companies and all of them had rejected the order because the calculation was not technologically up to date. To top things off, time was pressing.

Even for us, this was a new type of problem with many unknown parameters. Part of the physics has not been fully researched even to this day. The system dimensions presented us with another challenge: kilometers on the one hand, millimeters on the other. Mathematically, this was a challenge if we were to solve everything at once. Measuring was simply not possible due to time restrictions and the immense costs that would be involved.

For this reason, both we and the customer decided to choose a pragmatic approach, attempting to solve the problem with a fast and efficient model. It was not to be a great scientific matter, simply a reasonable and practical decision-making proposal. And for our client, it was important that it wouldn’t cost a lot.

Thanks to our customer’s extremely constructive approach we were able to create a simplified model of the system in just a few weeks allowing questions to be answered with an accuracy range of approximately 10%.

Using the calculation results, our client succeeded in convincing his customer that the specifications would not lead to the desired results, even leading to system failure at critical moments. This made it clear to all parties that rework would be unavoidable and that the claim was justified.

Conclusion: We were able to fully exploit our strengths – delivering a pragmatic scientific claim paired with a quick response time as well as helping our client with a significant, but justified demand.

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