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Optimierung der Wärme- und Kältenutzung in einer Getränke-Abfüllanlage


Can a heat pump in combination with a heat accumulator and a cold accumulator measurably save energy for our client – an energy drink manufacturer?

Project Objective:

Concept development and process simulation of a pasteurization plant for beverage cans. The aim of our client was to propose a new energy conversion, energy storage and energy use concept to his client, with which he could significantly save energy.


Owner, Energy and Water Technology Company


Our client had considered a concept to significantly save energy in the pasteurization plant of his client. The consideration was the following: The process of the end client is discontinuous with different utilization of the individual plant components. Accordingly, heat and cold are required at varying times and locations. Up to now, everything had been done via direct use without significant energy storage.

The idea was to use a heat pump to generate both cold and heat, store them in large storage tanks and supply them to the process as required with the aid of intelligent control.


We dynamically modelled the entire process in Simulink. All consumers of heat and cold in their load profile, all pumps, pipes, storage tanks and, of course, the heat pump were taken into account.

Using various case distinctions (e.g. summer, winter, weekend, etc.), we were able to optimize the dimensioning and the control concept and show how many megawatt hours of energy can be saved.

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