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Partikelfilter für Wasserstofftankstellen


Tests had shown that the hydrogen at hydrogen filling stations contains too many particles. Due to the very high flow velocity when filling hydrogen cars, particles have a similar effect to sandblasting on seals, for example.

Project Objective:

Development of a particle filter for 70MPa hydrogen filling stations, which can be installed in the dispensers.


Project Manager, Automotive Industry


Our client – an automobile manufacturer – found “grinding marks” in the seals of his hydrogen cars, among other things. At the same time, particles were found in the tanks. It quickly became clear that these had been transferred from the filling station into the gas flow. Due to the very high flow velocity, this had caused damage and it was clear that an improved particulate filter would be required for the dispenser


Together with our partner Hydac Process Technologies GmbH we have developed a filter for 1000 bar hydrogen made of duplex steel for hydrogen filling stations. Today this filter is a worldwide benchmark and has been intensively tested in a field trial lasting several years.

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