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What adjustments should we make to our power-to-gas system to make it even more economical?

Project goal:
Cost-effective production of biomethane from wind power taking plant behavior into consideration (start-up times, bad gas during start-up) as well as the variable current price.

Automobile industry

Power-to-gas is a relatively new technology. In principle, it is important for our customers that the natural gas used to supply their A3 g-tron comes from renewable energies e.g. excess wind energy. The challenge is to produce the desired quantity of methane as cost-effectively as possible.

We developed a Simulink model of the entire plant for our customer with which the entire process technology could be dynamically simulated. The model was validated shortly after using data from experiments. In order to sensibly determine accurate production times we programmed an electricity price forecast that would deliver a prediction of the daily output based on past performance. This forecast, coupled with the system model as well as other techniques not described here for confidentiality reasons, allows our customers to optimize the operation of the entire power-to-gas plant.

Thanks to the individually tailored software the customer can control the power-to-gas plant as part of their day-to-day business operations. Compared to their previous solution, our customer now saves 18% on energy costs.

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