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Bild zum Druckverlust einer Hochdruck-Gasleitung

Question: How do we get the right dimension for the piping, the valves, and other components of our high-pressure gas line so the pressure loss does not become too high?

Project Objective:
Development of a management system for the hydrogen tank of fuel cell buses with minimal pressure loss.

Project Manager, Bus manufacturers

Fuel cell buses are a good option for emission-free driving, especially in inner cities. The advantage over battery buses is the high range and the fast filling within 6-10 minutes.

The precondition for this is that the pressure loss in the piping system is not too high.
The aim of this project was to determine the pressure loss computationally so precisely that the line system could be specified with minimum costs and maximum performance.

Our client wanted a generic calculation model with which he could count all possible combinations of lines, components, and containers.

We have built a one-dimensional model in MATLAB Simulink that represents all the effects.
It is challenging that the pressure goes up to several hundred bars; therefore, no ideal gas behaviour is given.
Wenger Engineering has almost 10 years of experience in hydrogen fueling. The model therefore includes all variants of refueling, particularly the refueling according to SAE J2601.

In the model, the behavior of hydrogen is implemented according to the most recent material data models and parameterizable flow and pressure loss correlations.
We helped our client specify the cross-sections, the required wall roughness on the inside, and all the pressure loss factors of the valves, check valves etc. to ensure clarity early in the project.

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