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How our customers became even more successful with our support.

Since 2007, we have carried out around 500 projects for companies such as Daimler, Volkswagen, General Electric, NEC, Honda or the Erdinger Weissbierbrauerei, which were concerned with using energy and resources more efficiently.

Here are some examples, anonymized for reasons of confidentiality:

Kuehlung Elektromotor Hybridfahrzeug

Hybrid vehicle electric motor cooling

Cooling the electric motor is a crucial cost reduction success factor in hybrid vehicles. Magnetic materials are expensive and should be saved. This can be achieved with optimized cooling … [more]

Thermomanagement Hybrid

Hybrid vehicle thermal management

Efficient thermal management carries a lot of potential for reducing fuel consumption in hybrid vehicles. Our clients attach great importance to the flexibility of the model so that they are able make calculations based on new variants quickly. Therefore, in this instance, we used the simulation… [more]

Gebaeudeklimatisierung Cfd Simulation

Building Air Conditioning to exactly 1.5 kelvin

Precision is crucial in the production of aircraft components. Precisely controlled ambient temperature is essential to maintain tolerances. However, maintaining a constant temperature of +/-1.5 kelvin requires high performance from the building’s air conditioning. A CFD simulation can be a great help in such cases… [more]

Waermetauscher Auslegung

Heat Exchanger Designed for a Brewery

Brewing beer is extremely energy intensive. Breweries traditionally function on steam however, they are increasingly moving beyond these methods and working with hot water networks. In these cases, the heat exchanger layout needs to be adapted appropriately. However, this is worthwhile because of rising energy costs…[more]

Entwicklung Waermepumpe

Development of heat pump for aircraft kitchens

Our client develops and manufactures airplane kitchens. The technique is partly very old because, on one hand, robustness is required, but on the other hand, an elaborate certification is also necessary.But the question arises as to what the clients will need. Energy efficiency is important …[more]

Sae J2601

Worldwide standard for hydrogen filling stations SAE J2601

Fuel cell vehicles are coming and they’ll need plenty of hydrogen filling stations. The internationally recognized SAE J2601 standard was created with this in mind. Wenger Engineering carried out all the relevant simulations for the project and received the Ralph H. Isbrandt Award – the most important American prize for automotive safety – for the project… [more]

Offshorekabel Berechnen

Offshore cabling calculation for a wind farm

An offshore cable for a windfarm costs around 40 million euros. Over 20 million of this covers the raw material costs for the copper alone. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure the correct dimensions precisely as there are many standard safety factors that are not required at all… [more]

Kuehlung Lithium Ionen Batterie

Lithium-ion battery cooling

The lifetime of lithium-ion batteries is directly proportional to temperature. Therefore, lithium-ion battery cooling is fundamental to the business cases of our customers. We created models that helped them to better understand temperature development and to optimize it more efficiently… [more]

Lng Carrier

Loading an LNG-carrier with cold gas at -167°C

LNG-carriers are ships that supply liquid natural gas at -167°C e.g. from countries like Qatar to Europe. These LNG tanks are up to 90,000 cubic meters in size, encompassing a cylinder with a 15m diameter and a length of 400m. Filling of the tank must take place quickly and safely. We don’t know what an hour at the loading terminal costs but “a fortune” is certainly on the right scale. [more]

Temperatursensor Hochdrucktechnik

Response Time Temperature sensor (high-pressure technology)

Many people believe that measuring the temperature is a simple task. It is not. Especially not in dynamic processes with complicated installation scenarios. Our customer had to deal with a process linked with rapidly rising temperatures and a high degree of cost pressure when determining their choice of temperature sensor… [more]

Power To Gas Audi

Dynamic control, power-to-gas system

A power-to-gas system converts excess wind into gas. First into hydrogen, then depending on the concept, into methane. Then the gas is either directly consumed or fed into the natural gas network. Optimal dynamic control helps minimize the per kilogram cost of gas produced… [more]

Druckverlust Hochdruck Gasleitung

High-pressure gas line pressure loss

Pressure loss is a major problem for all gas lines. Pressure loss costs energy and money. Pressure loss must be minimized. Our client was required to adhere to certain standards with their gas line yet they were unsure of how to achieve this. The client was not familiar with the framework and “trial and error” would have been too expensive to consider. [more]

Betankung Brennstoffzellenauto

Refueling a fuel cell car with hydrogen at 875 bar

Wenger Engineering is the world market leader in the area of “hydrogen refueling simulation”. From Japan to California, every company that wants to know how to fill their fuel cell vehicles quickly and efficiently with up to 875 bars of pressure is coming to us. Honda has developed a promising special method that is set to be the new norm. [more]

Rohrbuendelwaermetauscher Berechnen

Low temperature difference heat exchanger

Our customer wanted to build a biogas plant in a very hot part of China. The problem was that the bacteria required wouldn’t survive at temperatures just above the ambient temperature in summer. Therefore, they required a heat exchanger which delivered the necessary performance whilst handling a temperature difference of roughly 2 kelvins… [more]

Scale Up

Mercury recycling – reducing maximum temperature during scale up

When we say “scaling-up is the most critical step between laboratory scale operations and production”, all plant engineers agree. Our customer had developed a new process for mercury recycling in the laboratory but also wanted to be sure that it would work on a large scale. We were able to show him that, had he simply scaled up the process, the maximum temperature of the mercury would have reached over 500°C. [more]

Kuehlwasserpumpe Berechnen

Cooling water pump calculations for an automotive supplier

A cooling water pump used to be a “basic” component. Today, it has become high-tech. Each wall thickness, angle and tolerance is optimized to reduce fuel consumption. CFD simulations can help make the pump more efficient. [more]

Kuehlung Elektronik

Cooling electronics during summer in Southern Europe

The heat dissipation or cooling of electronics is essential to maintain a long lifespan for processors and SMD components. The customers question was, “Can I use my electronics in Portugal or southern Spain during summer or do I need to improve the cooling?” Our answer, “It will be fine. The cooling will be sufficient.” [more]

Wasserstoffbetankung Simulation StarCCM

Hydrogen refueling simulation

Optimization of the filling time of hydrogen tanks as well as guaranteeing safety during hydrogen refueling (e.g. maintaining the maximum permitted temperature, ensuring that the tank is not overfilled, etc.). Compliance with the SAE J2601 standard etc.” [more]


Spectacular micro heat exchanger delivering 56kW of power

When a customer called us to tell us about a micro heat exchanger with a mere 5cm edge length and over 50kW of heat-transfer capacity we thought “Impossible!”. But, he was right! Our measurements and calculations confirmed that it actually delivers an impressive 56kW. The product is made of titanium and is particularly corrosion resistant. A real pioneer product… [more]

Kreuzstromwaermetauscher Auslegungssoftware

Cross flow heat exchanger design software

A cross flow heat exchanger manufacturer required pragmatic design software that would function in Excel. No problem, that’s part of our day-to-day business! Now they can tell their customers the exact size and price of their required cross flow heat exchangers within just a few minutes. [more]


700 bar gas tank flow calculation

When filling 700 bar gas tanks the temperature rises considerably due to compression. The final temperature depends on many factors and must be calculated with real gas equations. An extensive 3D flow calculation featuring real gas thermodynamics up to 900 bar helped our customer understand the local wall temperature as well as ensuring they could guarantee the required safety levels.

Matlab Auslegungssoftware

Ice storage design software

Ice storage is an exciting, relatively new form of energy storage. We developed a piece of ice storage dimensioning software for a planner who is one of our clients. Using the package they can optimize geometry as well as the charge and discharge performance. This helps them offer the best possible solution to their customers… [more]


Exhaust gas heat exchangers for CHPs

If a CHP plant user wants to get additional subsidies, they’ll need an exhaust gas heat exchanger. The more efficient, the better. Pressure loss must be minimal to not affect the motor. Wenger Engineering has designed and optimized hundreds of heat exchangers in recent years… [more]

Brandschutzanlage Autobahntunnel

Motorway tunnel fire protection system

When our client contacted us, they were under great pressure. The project for which they still needed to deliver critical components was substantially delayed. And now, as one of the last suppliers, they needed to manufacture, deliver and install the systems according to precise requirements. The new schedule expected… [more]

Brennstoffzelle Bipolarplatte

Fuel cell cooling channel optimization

Question: How should fuel cell cooling channels be designed to optimize heat transfer and minimize pressure loss? Due to the very small diameter of the individual cooling channels, high pressure loss occurs along the full length of the cooling channels… [more]

Photovoltaik Kabel Berechnen

Photovoltaic: calculate cabling and reduce cross-section

Question: Is it possible to reduce the cross-section of the cabling in photovoltaic systems when also considering the load cycle?

Aim: cost savings through a reduction in photovoltaic system cabling cross-sections while ensuring all safety standards are met… [more]


Tube reactor replacing a stirred tank

A tube reactor is particularly suitable as a replacement for a stirred tank, especially when working with energy-intensive processes. But if, as in our customer’s case, the pressure will be 30 bar and the temperature 220°C then things can get tricky. Here’s how we achieved our goal… [more]

Stroemungssimulation Tauchroboter

Diving robot flow simulation

Diving robots explore ocean currents completely autonomously. In order to correctly install a new sensor our client needed to know exactly what size the bow wave would be. The required flow simulation was quickly implemented and the customer received the information that was necessary to continue their work on the sensor… [more]

Psa H70

Particle collection apparatus for hydrogen filling stations (PSA-H70)

Our customer found large amounts of particles in their hydrogen tank facilities. These had damaged the valve seals due to high flow velocities in the lines. We developed a device for them that would collect and analyze 5µm particles using hydrogen at 900 bar with flow velocities of 300m/s… [more]


Particle filters for hydrogen filling stations

Test had made clear that hydrogen at filling stations contained too many other particles. Together with our partner Hydac Process Technologies GmbH, we developed a filter for 1000 bar hydrogen manufactured from duplex steel created specifically for hydrogen filling stations. Today, this has become a worldwide benchmark… [more]

Energieeffizienz Steigern

Heat and cold use optimization on a beverage filling line

An energy drink producer utilizes various sterilization processes, cooling systems, beverage temperature control regulators and other thermal processes at his filling plant. The system consists of a cooling unit, a heating system, a heat pump as well as a cold and warm storage unit. Our task was to significantly increase energy efficiency… [more]

Rohrbruchsicherung CFD–Simulation

Pressure regulator – troubleshooting and optimization

Our customer found errors in their pressure regulators which they couldn’t explain. The assumption was that the minimal temperature was being fallen short of because of a Joule-Thomson effect leading to part damage. We were able to prove this using a 3D CFD simulation and demonstrated how the problem could be solved… [more]


Hydrogen filling station pre-cooling

Hydrogen is pre-cooled to -40°C before tanking to compensate for heat produced during compression. Pre-cooling has a significant influence on both the CAPEX and the OPEX of a filling station. We helped our customer find an optimal solution… [more]

Systembaukasten Simulink

Simulink modular system construction kit

When our customers builds a new system they always uses the same components in different variants: tanks, valves, pipelines, junctions, filters etc. We developed a modular system construction kit in Simulink that allowed them to dynamically simulate the entire system before prototypes are built… [more]


Flow simulation for uniform distribution in a junction

When pipes branch, it is often necessary for the mass flow to be distributed evenly. This is only achieved immediately in the rarest of cases. Thanks to a flow simulation we could help the customer achieve approximate uniform distribution… [more]

Comsol Server App

Pressure loss calculation using the Comsol Server app

Calculating pressure loss is part of our daily operations often involving complex networks and unique applications. For these tasks, we regularly use our Comsol Server app which is specifically designed for pressure loss calculations. We also provide this software to our customers… [more]


Define pipe areas for heat exchangers in five minutes

The total required area for the heat exchanger is apparent – but what is the optimal pipe area? How many pipes should be used? Wenger Engineering has developed a small program that solves this task in just five minutes. [more]

Hydrothermale Carbonisierung

Hydrothermal carbonization

Hydrothermal carbonization – the conversion of waste biomass into coal and water – is a promising future technology. However, for it to function, energy efficiency is fundamental. We developed, built and commissioned a new recuperator-heat exchanger for our customer that would preheat reactant together with the product… [more]


Transformer housing CFD simulation

The smaller the housing for power electronics, the easier things become for plant engineers. However, cooling requirements also increase as a result. A CFD simulation helped our customer make a serious commitment to their customers that would have cost them tens of thousands of euros after commissioning… [more]

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