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Question: Our clients, Honda R & D USA and Honda R & D Japan, have long been working on a method to fuel their fuel cell car “Clarity” and other products on the market faster and more efficiently. Honda asked us for support to verify our ideas and to develop the process in the context of a strategic cooperation.

Project Objective:
Development of an alternative refueling algorithm for fuel cell cars with 875 bar of hydrogen.

Project manager, Honda R & D USA and Honda R & D Japan

The big challenge in the refueling of hydrogen is the high pressure of up to 875 bar and the fast-refueling time of 3 minutes. This process leads to a high temperature increase in the tank. The refueling algorithm must ensure the maximum permissible temperature of 85 ° is not exceeded.
Honda had its own ideas but wanted to have them verified externally and developed further as part of a strategic collaboration.

It was also important to convince the partners in the standardization committees with facts.

Wenger Engineering has taken a leading role in developing the globally valid SAE J2601 standard, since 2008, and has carried out all calculations. We have a carefully validated model to calculate the highly complex process of hydrogen refueling.

For Honda, we have further developed and adapted this model according to the new ideas. We have made the advantages clear. In the development, however, we have also been able to show numerous weak points and develop solutions with Honda.
Meanwhile, the alternative fuel cell car fueling algorithm created has been anchored in the SAE J2601 standard and recognized as a valid option worldwide.

The free tool for calculating “MC Formula Calculator” can be downloaded here.

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