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Diagramm der Ansprechzeit eines Temperatursensor

Question: Many people think measuring temperature is an easy task. But it’s not, especially not in dynamic processes with difficult installation situations. Our client had a process with fast rising temperature – and high cost pressure at the temperature sensor selection. He wanted to know: “Which temperature sensor meets the requirements of my process at the lowest cost?”

Project Objective:
Identify the most cost-effective temperature sensor with the required response time in a dynamic high-pressure process.

Project manager, automobile industry

Measuring the temperature correctly is a difficult task, especially when it is a highly dynamic process under high pressure.
Selecting the best temperature sensor was complex for our client, because the data sheets were unsuitable for the required application

With our client, we have made measurements in a wind tunnel and cleanly measured the response time in real conditions.

We have created a multi-dimensional temperature sensor model for this purpose. With this, we reproduced the measurements under reproducible conditions and validated the model.
We have applied this validated model to the real process to determine the real response time under the process conditions. This resulted in the fact that only two of the tested sensors can technically meet the specification.

The client then chose the more cost-effective of the two.

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