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Research and Development for,
Fluid Mechanics, and Hydrogen Technology.
hydrogen refuelling

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Hydrogen technology:
System and product development, simulation

Since our foundation in 2007, Wenger Engineering GmbH has been a worldwide sought-after simulation and development partner for leading companies in hydrogen technology such as Daimler, Toyota, Honda, Linde, etc.. Especially if you want to develop and operate a filling station, a hydrogen storage or a power-to-gas plant, you should talk to us in advance.

Wenger Engineering GmbH has developed simulation models for almost all components and subsystems. We use these in development projects for our customers to find intelligent system concepts that minimize both investment and operating costs and maximize reliability.

The best-known model of this is the refueling simulation, with which we have made all simulations for the worldwide valid standard SAE J2601. Of particular relevance at present is our approach with which we optimize entire hydrogen ecosystems (production, logistics, filling stations, vehicles, etc.). We automatically evaluate all technical options and compare the overall economic efficiency (TCO) for the operator.

If you are new to this industry, or if you want to improve your existing systems and components massively, call us.

project examples
Download the free MC Formula Validation Calculator


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Heat exchangers and cooling systems:
calculation, construction, and delivery

If you need a heat exchanger or a cooling system, we should talk.

You can get what you need from us.

This can be a calculation or design, the delivery of a standard shell-and-tube heat exchanger, or the development of a particular cooling system, e.g., for a powertrain, a battery, or an electric motor. We can also provide you with tailor-made design software both for “ordinary” heat exchangers and for individual cooling systems.

Depending on your requirements, we create these in Excel, Matlab, Simulink, or online in our cal-Q framework. Depending on the requirements (material, pressure, manufacturing process, etc.), we work together with different manufacturing service providers for the construction of the heat exchangers.

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Flow, Heat Transfer and Multiphysics

Do you need a CFD simulation, the mathematical optimization of a cooling or heating, perhaps even in combination with electrical engineering, magnetic fields, or a chemical reaction?

With more than one hundred working years of experience in Matlab, Simulink, Simscape, Comsol Multiphysics, all standard CFD programs, and OpenFoam, we are confident that we will find a solution for your simulation task. It is important to us not only to be your “arithmetic servants” and to deliver colorful images. Many of our customers want a comprehensive solution from us, e.g., the cooling problem or the required evaporation.

Simulation is then often only part of the solution; in many cases, we combine it with measurements on prototypes and products (the measurements take place either at our premises, at our customers or in external laboratories).

Especially if your problem is complex, our unique strength comes to the fore.

Our team consists of specialists, some with over twenty years of experience in transient multiphase flow, cavitation, multiphysics simulation, real gas thermodynamics, and numerical mathematics. Is that what you need? Then give us a call.

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Software and IoT:
Electromobility, hydrogen and process engineering

Do you know this: in everyday life, you have recurring calculations, e.g., for the preliminary design of systems or components in the sales phase. Or your systems are consistently producing data that you cannot or do not want to process and evaluate directly in the control system. Wenger Engineering helps you to automate these tasks and thus measurably increases your efficiency.

We use two proprietary developments as a basis: the cal-Q framework serves to automate your design calculations, which were previously laboriously carried out in Excel. You can also further automate your Matlab programs, make them available to your worldwide employees, and manage the calculation results centrally in a database.

If you want to set up and operate an electric car or hydrogen platform, we recommend our Clean Technology Manager. The Clean Technology Manager is the world’s leading software for data management, evaluation, and optimization of EV and H2 ecosystems. It stores all operational data in a prominent data structure and evaluates it using AI algorithms and over 15 years of industry experience.

For more information about the Clean Technology Manager, click on the link: CTM

Free initial consultation!

Many of our clients where initially unsure about whether their idea was feasible, the amount of effort / expenses required or the time it would take to get results.

In most cases, it’s enough to contact us by phone, email or video conferencing. In other cases, we can offer on-site consultation at your location or at our office in Ulm to discuss feasibility, profitability, expenses etc. This advice is always free of charge so join us for a quick chat!

Customers about us:

Vw Sarioglu

“Wenger Engineering’s highly competent employees deliver high-quality results. Added to this is their flexibility, which plays a major role in ensuring a pleasant cooperation. This collaboration is proving very helpful in our projects.”

Dr.-Ing. Levent Sarıoğlu

Project Manager, Volkswagen AG

Project examples:


Transformer housing CFD simulation

The smaller the housing for power electronics, the easier things become for plant engineers. However, cooling requirements also increase as a result. A CFD simulation helped our customer make a serious commitment to their customers that would have cost them tens of thousands of euros after commissioning… [mehr]

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