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Problem solving:

Clear goals are important for the success of a project. They are defined collectively and documented in the form of a specification sheet. By setting your goals clearly and ensuring rapid implementation you can, for example, reduce development times / costs or expand your technical lead on the market.

Model development and testing:

We mainly use COMSOL MultiphysicsMATLAB and STAR-CCM+ to create our simulations. A modular structure, predefined component libraries, etc. reduce the effort required. Verification of the realism of the simulation model is carried out according to the task making use of comparisons with customer data, test result and literature values etc.

Analysis and optimization:

The simulation model is used to analyze problems, compare alternatives and various scenarios, test solutions and optimize systems. The results are then documented in MS PowerPoint.

Free initial consultation!

Many of our clients where initially unsure about whether their idea was feasible, the amount of effort / expenses required or the time it would take to get results.

In most cases, it’s enough to contact us by phone, email or video conferencing. In other cases, we can offer on-site consultation at your location or at our office in Ulm to discuss feasibility, profitability, expenses etc. This advice is always free of charge so join us for a quick chat!

Customers about us:

Vw Sarioglu

“Wenger Engineering’s highly competent employees deliver high-quality results.Added to this is their flexibility, which plays a major role in ensuring a pleasant cooperation. This collaboration is proving very helpful in our projects.”

Dr.-Ing. Levent Sarıoğlu

Project Manager, Volkswagen AG

Project examples:


Transformer housing CFD simulation

The smaller the housing for power electronics, the easier things become for plant engineers. However, cooling requirements also increase as a result. A CFD simulation helped our customer make a serious commitment to their customers that would have cost them tens of thousands of euros after commissioning… [mehr]

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